San Diego, Calif., September 7, 2016 – Forge Therapeutics, Inc., announced presentations on its lead program targeting LpxC with novel chemistry to combat Gram-negative ‘superbugs’. Presentations details are as follows:

World Anti-Microbial Resistance Congress: The World Anti-Microbial Resistance Congress gathers decision makers from government, funding agencies, biopharma, academia, hospitals, labs, and payers to discuss the urgent need for new antibiotics.

When: September 8th and 9th

Title: Forge new chemistry, developing novel medicines combining bio-inorganic with medicinal chemistry to target metalloproteins

Where: Washington Court Hotel, Washington DC


Anti-Infectives Rx Conference: Anti-Infectives Rx is an off-the-record forum featuring discussion panels from industry CEOs, life science leaders, key academics and investors and focuses on issues facing the development of anti-infective therapies.

When: September 21st

Title: Advances against rare and resistant pathogens

Where: Harvard Medical School, Joseph B. Martin Conference Center, Boston, MA


About LpxC

LpxC is conserved across Gram-negative bacteria and not found in Gram-positive bacteria or human cells.   Other LpxC inhibitors have been evaluated by biopharma in the past but chemistry limitations (e.g. hydroxamic acid) have yielded ineffective compounds that suffer from poor drug-like properties. Thus, there are no approved therapeutics targeting LpxC.  Forge, using its innovative chemistry platform, has developed novel non-hydroxamate inhibitors of LpxC that are safe and effective in an animal model of Gram-negative infection and are able to kill Gram-negative superbugs where other antibiotics are ineffective.